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Simplify your PARDON and WAIVER requests

Applying for a pardon or waiver (right of passage to the US) could allow you to travel to the US, reduce your insurance costs or facilitate being hired for a new job, and much more.

Full financing of the service and government fees

Tout est inclus

Empreintes digitales

La prise d’empreintes digitales est la première étape pour débuter une demande de pardon ou de waiver. Nous avons des bureaux partout dans la province pour ce service et c’est inclus dans notre programme d’aide.

Documents de la police locale

Vous n’avez pas à débourser par vous-même pour ces documents, on vous simplifie la tâche en diminuant vos déplacements également.

Documents de la cours

Contrerairement à plusieurs autres sites, nous n’avons pas de frais cachés pour ces démarches supplémentaires. C’est inclus et on s’en occupe pour vous.

Textes et traductions

Nous avons une équipe spécialisée qui compose et traduit les textes pour vous. On ne fait pas que vous donner les formulaires, on les remplit également!

Moving forward with a pardon or waiver request

Several steps

To apply for a pardon or a waiver, several forms must be obtained and completed. Because of how many forms must be filled out, mistakes often occur.

Avoid mistakes

iDentité Québec can help you avoid making mistakes when filing pardon or waiver requests. We will work with you every step of the way, so you can increase the chance of application acceptance.

Moving forward

Are you ready to leave the past behind and start a new chapter of your life? Our team of experts (available throughout Québec) is here to help.

Why should you apply for a pardon or waiver?

Travelling to the US
Getting hired for a new position
Decreasing insurance costs
Moving on from the past
Working abroad

Why choose the iDentité Québec team?

Managing complex steps is streamlined and simplified.
You don't need to take time off work to complete the steps.
Reduced risk of errors — the slightest error can considerably extend your deadlines.
Professional composition of texts to increase your chances of being accepted.
Avoid unnecessary travel with our on-site fingerprinting.
Our vast network provides a suite of solutions to increase your chance of receiving a pardon or waiver.

Full financing of the service and government fees

With us, it's simple and straightforward. Avoid mistakes, complications and hassles with our complete turnkey solution.

Don't wait until it's too late, apply for a pardon as soon as possible!

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